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Transforming a Huge Open Space Into a Stage

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The Lehman Trilogy at Park Avenue Armory.

It’s no easy task to transform a wide open, cavernous space into a captivating, all engrossing theatrical environment. With a little help Rose Brand "Design, Specify & Build" services, the magicians at Park Avenue Armory did it for the critically acclaimed production of “The Lehman Trilogy.”

The Wade Thompson Drill Hall is massive, so we started by masking off large areas of the Hall to create a full proscenium. We used nearly an acre of Black Encore Velour, hung on 150’ long Custom Curved Pipes, and stiffened by Custom Stretcher Frames.

The beautiful and haunting images created by the designers are projected on a huge Rose Brand Premium Projection Screen, also installed on custom curved top and bottom pipes.

Rose Brand offers design consultation, specification and build services for virtually any production, event or architectural environment that involves fabric and hardware components.

Come to us early in the process so that we can insure development of designs that are as practical as they are esthetic.

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