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Custom Printed Wall Panels, Invisibly Framed & Acoustically Insulated for Gorgeous Architectural Interiors.

Broadway’s James Earl Jones Theatre Lobby & Public Spaces.

Custom printed wall panels with acoustic insulation, spanning multiple floors, invisibly framed with Rose Brand Tuck Track.

When the design team in charge of renovating and transforming Broadway’s Court Theatre into the James Earl Jones Theatre, their vision included a digitally printed wall treatment that would extend “seamlessly” from the Basement up through the 3rd floor.  Each floor practically floats in space, mostly detached from the walls, which allows the imagery to flow without interruption up all four stories.  ​

Invisibly framed printed panels (such as the rectangular orange outlined area above) are each carefully placed within the 4-floor design.

Acoustic control was a primary concern of such an open plan design and the challenge was to mitigate the sound reflections and prevent a cacophony of noises from each floor.  Rose Brand and our installation partners specified the Rose Brand Tuck Track system, an invisible, easily customizable frame system which allows for both simple and quick graphics installation and the use of an inset acoustic insulation board.​


Rose Brand received construction drawings from the contractor and architects which defined the panels layout that would break up the printed wall covering into 255 unique sections.  However, the graphic design firm provided a single massive (2.4Gb) image file of the four-story graphic.​ Our challenge was to accurately tile the images provided for each wall into the correct panel size, allowing for image bleed and overlap which would accommodate any deviations between the drawings and actual field measurements. 

The final installation required numerous adjustments on site as the installation team discovered that the reality of the architecture did not always match the drawings provided.  The Tuck Track system can be easily cut and modified on-site so these adjustments required very little extra effort.​

Now complete, the new James Earl Jones Theatre lobby and public spaces showcases gorgeous, printed décor on 3 elevations stretching up 4 floors, comprised of 2800 sq feet of printed fabric wall covering, divided among 255 individual panels and supported by more than 5000 linear feet of Tuck Track.  The results are stunning!​

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