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The Benefits of a ShowLED Star Drop Curtain

Use As Backdrops To Achieve A Programmable Starry Night Effect

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are often used as backdrops to achieve a programmable starry night effect. There are two versions of ShowLED -- Classic and Chameleon. Classic uses a white LED, which emits a cool, blue-white light. Chameleon uses an RGB LED, which can produce virtually any color, including a warm amber-white light. ShowLED LEDs are specifically designed for installation in fabric and scenery. Rose Brand has sold and rented ShowLED curtains for events as formal as a Presidential ball (i.e., Obama's inauguration) and as traditional as a corporate event or high school stage performance.

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are cost effective. When you buy or rent a ShowLED drape, you're paying for a complete package -- the drape (fitted with LEDs) and the LED controller. Nothing else is required to program the drape.

The device that controls the intensity, color, and frequency of the LED twinkle is designed for both novice and professional users. The manner in which you control them and the degree of control that you have is dependent on the needs of the user. Depending on the size of your installation, you might also have the ability to control multiple drapes from a single controller. As described below, there are three main ways you can control the LEDs.

1) Select one of the pre-set controller options for maximum ease-of-use.

2) Connect the ShowLED controller to a DMX light board and select a preset option from the light board.

3) Connect the ShowLED controller to a DMX light board and take full control over the (8) individual channels of the drape to create your own looks and cues.

ShowLED curtains are relatively light and easy to handle, so they install with a limited amount of labor and ship fairly easily. For example, a 15'x30' drape weighs only 45 lbs. Plus, virtually any ShowLED part can be replaced or repaired in a matter of minutes or hours. While the LEDs are quite durable, replacements cost just a couple of dollars. If a node (i.e., the LED is housing) gets crushed, you can easily splice in a new one. And if for some reason you need to change an entire line of LEDs, you can do so for under $100. Velcro attachments enable easy removal of LEDs from fabric panels.

If you have a question about renting or purchasing a ShowLED star drop curtain for your show or event, please don't hesitate to email us at customerservice or give us a call at 800-223-1624.

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