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Screen Goo Enables High Performance Projection on Any Surface

Screen Goo can be used for both Front and Rear Projection surfaces

Rose Brand met with Kevin Nute of Screen Goo America’s at the 2011 LDI Tradeshow this year in Orlando, Florida. Kevin provides a clear understanding what Screen Goo is and why it is changing the projection industry.

Screen Goo is a water based acrylic coating that can be used on any paintable surface, regardless of size or shape, to create a high performance projection screen. Screen Goo also offers a wider viewing angle than regular projection surfaces e.g., it can allow viewers to see images on both sides of the projection surface, creating a 360° viewing cone. In addition, Screen Goo enables remarkable image depth and dimensionality, whether you use the Goo products made specifically to produce a 2-D or 3-D screen. It is appropriate for all levels of video use including home theatre, houses of worship, conference rooms, point of purchase displays, large-scale commercial venues and even outdoors. Screen Goo can be used for both Front and Rear Projection surfaces. There are seven different Screen Goo coating options to choose from depending on the projector being used and the projection application. To find out which coating will work best for your next project try using the Screen Goo Selector Tool, which will choose a coating for you based the answers you give to a series of questions. For more information on Screen Goo visit or call a Rose Brand Representative at 800.223.1624.

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