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Rose Brand Wins Best Debuting Product for Nebula™ Net at 2017 LDI Show

Updated: May 7, 2020

Projected Objects Seem To Float In Midair!

Rose Brand won the award for best debuting product at this year’s LDI show in Las Vegas for  Nebula™ Net – a see-through projection surface that is virtually undetectable to the audience.

The new 26-foot darknet projection fabric made its debut at the Rose Brand LDI booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Nebula Net can be used to achieve stunning, magical projections – making objects appear to float on air or appear out of nowhere. Nebula Net solves the problem of achieving "theatrical invisibility" of a highly reflective, see-through surface. Once light is projected onto it, the audience sees the projection, but the Nebula screen remains invisible.

Designers and technicians can achieve brilliant, layered, three dimensional effects. Use it for mind blowing projections at concerts, the Pepper’s Ghost effect in theatre, or dramatic reveals at corporate events. In addition to the video of the quick & rough demo shown above, you can view a brief video clip of the product in use at a fully produced, live concert by going to the Darknet / Nebula Net page on the Rose Brand web site. 

Nebula Net is a black, flame retardant, fine weave netting that's specially treated to provide a high gain, high resolution projection surface. Full piece lengths range from 90 to 105 feet. It's available for purchase immediately. Customers can request samples or place an order for Nebula Net by phone at (800) 223-1624.

Rose Brand Inc. ( is North America’s largest provider of theatrical fabrics and hardware, custom stage drapery, custom sewn creations, production supplies and technical solutions for the live entertainment, film, TV, display, and event industries.

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