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Rosco LitePad Enables Illumination in Small, Tight Spaces

LitePads can be hung on a wall, held in your hand, or embedded almost anywhere

LitePads are amazing versatile LED light sources that offer super-slim (.3”) profiles and soft, even illumination. They come in a range of standard sizes and shapes, but can also be customized to fit your needs (maximum size of any individual unit is 48” X 96”). LitePads can be hung on a wall, held in your hand, or embedded almost anywhere. Use the LitePadTM when larger, heavier luminaires simply don’t fit your application. Two versions of the LitePadTMare shown below.

LitePadTM DL

This model was designed with display, event and architectural designers in mind. It offers more economy but less light output than the LitePadTM HO model described below.

LitePadTM DL Standard Sizes Photometrics Table

LitePadTM HO

The LitePadTMHO (High Output) is a 33% brighter version of the DL. It is a simple, fast and economical solution for the film, video, and still photography applications, as well as a diverse range of projects in theatre, scenery, architecture or retail lighting.

LitePadTM HO Standard Sizes Photometrics Table

*Additional LitePad Specs:

- Color Temperature: Approximately 6000° Kelvin

- Thickness: .3”

- Operating Temperature: -30C - +85C

- Lamp Life: 60,000 hrs.

- Power: 12v DC input

Please visit for more information on LitePads and accessories.

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