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Using Tape to Implement Social Distancing Practices

Unique Benefits for Unique Purposes.

Many of our Pro Tapes products are engineered for challenging environments, with features that can help you implement social distancing protocols. See the information below on: Pro Gaff Tape, Outdoor Duct Tape, Safety/Hazard Tape, Barricade Tape, and Cable Path Tape.

Pro Gaff® is a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive that is available in 20 designer colors. including five fluorescent colors that offer extremely high visibility. The rubber adhesive allows it to stick well to a wide variety of surfaces. Pro Gaff can be written on with a marker to easily communicate messages such as "Keep 6 Feet Apart." Pro Gaff is easy to tear by hand even when wearing protective gloves. It can be removed cleanly and easily once worn out and in need of replacement. Pro Gaff is perfect for indoor applications like pharmacies, food stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Buy it by the roll or at a discount by the case.

Pro Outdoor Duct Tape is an industrial grade cloth tape. It's specially formulated to offer high adhesion. Its construction includes a polyethylene film, backed with a cloth scrim, making it terrific for outdoor applications. It comes in 12 colors and is easy to tear by hand for easy application. Available by the case only.

Our Safety/Hazard Tape is an OSHA approved adhesive vinyl product for marking floors, safety areas and hazards in bold yellow and black stripes. Comes in an 18 yard roll. Barricade Tape is non-adhesive. It comes in yellow with with the word "Caution" imprinted in black letters; 3" x 1000' rolls. Cable Path Tape is made from high quality cloth gaffer's tape. It's manufactured with adhesive on the edges only so the bales can run through the center of the strip. It's durable, easy to tear, and keeps cables, wires and cords in place without leaving behind a gummy residue. Available in black, yellow, or black printed on yellow in 30 yard rolls. A safety striped version is also available.

Pro Tapes are manufactured in the United States and are in stock, ready to be shipped immediately. They're highly reliable products that can help you meet social distancing guidelines.

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