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Precision Cut Fabric Enables 3D Scenery & Elaborate Event Decor at an Affordable Cost

Quicker, less expensive and easier to work with than hard scenery

Precision Cut Fabric adds enormous interest to any setting by virtue of its texture, pattern, and dimensionality. Depending on how it’s lit, it can also provide dramatic light and dark contrasts.

There are distinct advantages to using Precision Cut Fabric to produce scenic backgrounds with three dimensional feel. It’s quicker, less expensive and easier to work with than hard scenery made from wood and steel tubing; and less labor intensive and time consuming than hand-cutting intricate designs into soft scenery made from drops and drapes.

Time, labor and cost savings derive from Precision Cut Fabric’s computer enabled production process, which uses laser beam technology to cut fabric. The process worked perfectly to create scenic elements for the Boston Ballet as shown below.

Here’s how the process works. First select the design pattern to cut into the fabric. You might select one of our stock patterns (see below) or supply us with your own design (vector artwork such as CAD or Adobe Illustrator work best, but we can also use a clean, hand drawn design scanned at 1000 DPI, if necessary).

Next, pick your fabric and color. We recommend synthetics to achieve a nice sealed finish wherever the laser is applied. We’ve used fabrics such as Encore, Crescent, and Charisma Velours for silhouette/ cut drops. We’ve also used Poly Silk and Regal Satin for festive Ribbon Drops, and Voile and Shimmer Organza for transparent cut-outs.

After determining the fabric and pattern, the laser is programmed to do the rest. We can create virtually any patterned backdrop or décor piece that you can imagine, and conform to ANY DIMENSIONS if the piece can take seams. However, the maximum dimensions for seamless pieces are 420”x72”.

Depending on the nature of your pattern, it’s sometimes necessary to apply scenery netting, such as Tiger Gauze to support the cut pieces. We can provide all of the custom sewing and netting for the job, or you can handle it at your own shop. Regardless, we’d recommend using Robo Glue to apply the netting because of its flexibility and clear color.

Please visit our Precision Cut Fabric web page to view additional examples of this product made for the Broadway productions of “The Addams Family” and “West Side Story.” Price and turnaround time will depend on the intricacy of your design. Simple designs usually take around three weeks to create. For a price quote and more information on Precision Cut Fabrics call 800.223.1624 or

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