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Nicopress Power Swaging Tools from Rose Brand

Rose Brand's Rigging Project Manager talks about the tool at the LDI show in Florida

Rose Brand's Rigging Project Manager, Jesse Adams, discusses the Nicopress Power Inline Swaging Tool at the LDI show this year in Tampa, Florida. The Nicopress Swaging tool enables single-handed, quick and perfect compression of swage fittings. Follow the easy instructions and your crimp is neither too tight, nor too loose. Power swaging helps you to avoid both mistakenly cutting into your wire rope, or having your combined wire ropes come apart. The power tool's pivoting head and compact size allow it to reach into confined spaces, while its lightness in weight makes it easy to use. With interchangeable dies ranging from 3/32 to 3/8 of an inch, the Nicopress Power Tool is the most convenient and efficient compression device available. In addition to the Nicopress Power Swaging Tool, Rose Brand also offers a Manual Nicropress Tool that is available in three different sizes.

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