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Main Curtain Design, Specification and Build

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sandusky State Theatre.

Our friends at Sandusky State Theatre. a historical landmark in Ohio, chose Rose Brand for our Design, Specification and Build services related to the development of a new stage curtain. The Sandusky team wanted a new design for their grand drape that would bring the space to life, while paying tribute to the theatre's rich, 90-year-old heritage.

Inspired by photos of the theatre’s interior architecture, we designed a curtain that incorporated a prominent curvilinear architectural detail displayed on the walls near the stage. However, replicating that intricate pattern at the bottom of a pleated drape presented an interesting design challenge. How do you get the pattern applique to display appropriately, despite the fullness sewn into the curtain? Our design, sewing and technical teams developed several renderings of the project, and then several physical mock-ups, before obtaining final design approval.

We led the customer through the entire design, specification and build of this project. It was a highly collaborative effort and a great example of how Rose Brand provides turnkey solutions to custom needs.

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