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Jacobs Theatre, Restoration of an Historic Broadway Landmark

Updated: May 7, 2020

Providing the Right Look & Feel for the Main Stage Curtain, Trim, House Curtains & Railing Fascias

Built in 1927, The Shubert Organization’s Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre (formerly the Royale) has been home to a long list of outstanding productions. The original theatre was designed by Herbert J. Krapp under the theme of “modern Spanish style.”

Similar to many of The Shubert Organization's theatre restorations, they selected Architect Francesca Russo for the job. Ms. Russo takes painstaking care with each of her restoration projects to restore the original colors and designs as closely as possible. Her process starts with an in-depth review of historical documents including drawings, photographs and periodicals. Next, there is a paint analysis completed to determine the original palette. With this information, she recreates the essence of the original design, using modern products that mimic the original materials.

Working closely with Russo, Rose Brand provided the soft goods for the restoration, including the main stage curtain, trim, house curtains and railing fascias. The main curtain is sewn from a custom jacquard print that is designed to match the original pattern and colors. The trim and tassels were also custom made.

The birds embellishing the valence were constructed using Rose Brand material and a trapunto quilting technique. This gave the birds padding and a three-dimensional look. Hudson Scenic painted the details on the birds and trim pieces per Russo’s direction.

Rose Brand previously worked with the Shubert Organization restoring multiple theatres over the years including the Belasco Theatre, Golden Theatre, and the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

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