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How to Choose a Velour Fabric for Your Main Stage Curtain

Here are some of the key considerations when choosing a velour for your main curtain:

Flame Resistance

Velour stage curtains need to be flame-resistant, since they can otherwise be a fire hazard. While your fire marshal is the ultimate judge of whether you meet local fire safety regulations, look for the Rose Brand flame resistance certification within the "Technical Info" area of our velour product pages. It assures you that the velour has been tested to meet the standards identified on the certificate.

Rose Brand synthetic velours are extremely popular because they are IFR (inherently flame retardant), which means that the flame resistance is an integral part of the fiber and will not wash away upon cleaning. See our listing of IFR fabrics, many of which are velours.

We also sell cotton velours that are treated with a solution, which makes them flame retardant. These treated cottons have the designation of FR (flame retardant) and meet rigorous safety standards as well.

It’s important to keep both IFR and FR treated curtains clean to maintain their flame retardant properties, since dirt and dust can ignite. Also, care must be taken when cleaning a curtain that has been treated with an FR solution. Your FR curtain may require reapplication of an FR treatment if the solution has been washed away. Reapplication of FR chemicals may also be necessary if a curtain is hung or stored in a humid environment. As the curtain soaks up moisture from the air, it may dissolve away some of the flame retardant solution that’s been applied.


The weight of the velour will determine how it hangs, drapes, and absorbs light and sound. For stage curtains, heavier velour is often preferred as it tends to have better light and sound blocking properties and can create a more dramatic effect. We carry velours that range in weight from our light, 8 oz Super-Vel® to our super heavy & luxurious, 32 oz Royale.

Pile Height

Velour also comes in different pile heights, which can affect its appearance and texture. A longer pile height will create a softer, more luxurious look, while a shorter pile height may be more practical for curtains that will be used frequently.


The color of the velour will determine how it looks under different lighting conditions. Darker colors are often preferred for stage curtains, as they help to absorb light and reduce glare, and of course the color black is used extensively for masking purposes. Rose Brand carries a wide variety of velour colors, and there are variations even within just black fabrics alone, as some are darker (i.e., more light absorbing) than others.


Stage curtains are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so you'll want to choose a velour that is durable and can withstand frequent use. Rose Brand velours are made from high-quality materials and have a strong weave. We can also line a curtain to promote greater durability.

The Environment

Working together with our manufacturing partner, Milliken, we have produced an environmentally friendly velour. Our ReVive® velour fabric is comprised of 70% recycled yarn. A typical curtain would save 1000’s of plastic bottles from the landfill, yet ReVive looks, feels and functions the same as our Encore velour fabric, one of the best-selling stage velours of all time.

Acoustic Properties

Curtains are often used to absorb sound, so we have acoustically rated many of our velours here. You can also find these acoustical ratings on many of our velour product pages, within the "Technical Info" area of the page. In general, the thicker and heavier weight velours will tend to absorb sound better. That's because sound waves are absorbed into the fabric and dissipated as friction and heat. The thicker the velour, the more energy it can dissipate. The fullness and placement of a curtain will also have an impact on its sound absorption qualities. The greater the fullness, the better its sound absorption.


Our broad range of velours can meet virtually any need and budget. Talk to one of our experts at 1-800-223-1624 and see more at Velour Fabrics from Rose Brand.


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