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Developing a Venetian Contour Curtain and Sophisticated Motion Control System

Rose Brand developed modular solution comprised of 16 ADC winches, 8 programmable Raynok controllers and truss.

Here’s an interesting story on a gorgeous grand drape and rigging project that we did for Delta Stage, who was hired by Holy Land Experience to install theatrical equipment & lighting for the new Church of All Nations. Delta brought Rose Brand on board to help with certain aspects of the job, including the development of a Venetian Contour curtain and a motion control system. The objectives of Rose Brand’s project included:

1)      Enhancing architectural esthetics with a beautiful grand drape for the pulpit.

2)      Providing a curtain control system that could raise and lower the curtain in a wide variety of patterns.

3)      Controlling other scenic elements with the same motion control system.

4)      Enabling efficient installation of the curtain and system on-site.

A Venetian Contour curtain has vertical lift lines in back, which raise and lower independently to allow the curtain to be shaped as it’s opened or closed. Rose Brand developed the curtain out of silver Lurex sheer fabric, which gave the grand drape a silky, flowing, elegant look as it’s drawn by the lift lines.

In terms of the motion control system, Rose Brand Project Managers developed a sophisticated, modular solution comprised of 16 ADC winches, eight programmable Raynok controllers, and truss. The controllers were integrated with motors that controlled both the main curtain as well as the numerous independent tracks of a mid-stage traveler curtain.

The main curtain lift system consisted of eight individual segments of truss. Each segment had multiple winches and a controller mounted on it. The modularity of the 63’ long system enabled us to build, program, and test it locally while prepping it for easy, remote installation. Once the system was fully tested, it shipped to the Orlando theatre for installation by a Rose Brand Project Manager working with the Delta Stage Lighting crew.

See more information on Technical Project Management for design and installation of curtains, curtain track, and stage rigging.

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