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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Creating a 3-D Backdrop for Los Angeles Opera & More.

Only Mozart had to work a tighter timetable than Rose Brand on his last opera, “The Clemency of Titus.” Thank you to LA Opera for the opportunity! Our integrated team of project managers, technical designers, sewing experts, scenic artists, digital printers and product procurers worked in coordinated fashion to produce the following for this amazing production:

  • Dramatic Black Bobbinette 3-Dimensional Backdrop mounted with 1500 flowers, 65’H x 24’W

  • Garland Scrim, produced with digitally printed 9oz Poplin attached to Scenery Netting

  • Digitally Printed Temple Drop made from 16’ wide Poly Duck, lined with black Commando Cloth, and digitally printed with our robust 6-color CMYK+OV process

  • Projection Screen made from light beige Poly Silk that fit into a frame, 29’H x 44’ W

  • Cotton Scrim Backdrop distressed by LA Opera Scene Shop to create the effect of a city burned to the ground.

We offer design consultation, specification and build services for virtually any production, event or architectural environment that involves fabric and hardware components. We can help you at any or all points in the design, spec and build process. See more of our Design, Spec and Build projects.

Rose Brand is your one stop shop!

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Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dmitro Makovetskiy
Nov 17, 2023

Nice photo. Cool design, for designers I recommend This is a great place to exchange ideas and improve your own skills in the creative process

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