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Creating a 60-ft Outdoor Backdrop

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Using IFR Stretch Fabric To Great Effect.

Creativity and liberation come to play at SpinCycle. In the words of their founders, “SpinCycle is what happened after two guys who like to hula hoop and build stuff kept doing those things for too long.” At Rose Brand we enjoy working with clients who have passion, and SpinCycle has plenty.

SpinCycle creates temporary environments and structures as a hub for hula-hoopers. Each year they host a hoop jam with top DJs and throughout the year they create structures for hooping events around the country. Their shade structure is one of the largest covered spaces at Burning Man and is reserved for hooping, spinning and dancing.

The beautiful shade structure shown in the images above and below, captured by photographer Vincent Robles, are from the Rave Music Festival in Fontana, California. Rose Brand provided Stretch Shape Tendo Splats for this event and SpinCycle transformed them into tent ceiling décor.

Grant Leonard, Lead Producer/Owner and Builder at SpinCycle, produced the shade structure for the folks in Fontana, California. He had a lot of creative freedom with the project since the only requirements were to use red and yellow colors, and to make the structure 60 feet across. “Everything else was left for us to figure out.” 

Tendo fabric was Leonard’s first thought because of its “invaluable” fire rating, bright colors and 122” wide bolts. It passes the California fire code requirements, it’s aesthetically appealing, and it minimizes sewing time because of its wide width. In addition to the Stretch Shape Tendo Splats, SpinCycle also purchased Aircraft Cable and Nico Press Ovals in three different sizes in order to connect all the pieces in an overhead circular design.

Leonard’s vision was brought to life through the help of a number of folks. He credits Rich Porter for the design, his partner Jacqueline Delaney, and Jeri-Dawn Youngblood for Rose Brand sales and project management support.

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