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Art of The Event Transforms Hotel Ballroom Into Perfect Holiday Environment for Corporate Party

Full room wrapped in Rose Brand luxurious white sheers

Art of The Event, a Boston based full service event design, decor and planning company, was the winner of our 2012 Holiday Party Photo Contest. Here's their description of how they transformed an ordinary hotel ballroom into the perfect environment to achieve their client's objectives.

Our client scheduled their holiday party at Boston’s Liberty Hotel, a chic, modern venue that has a lot of local flavor. Once the Charles Street Jail, there are wrought iron, spiral stairs, bars on the windows, and exposed brick walls.  The grand ballroom is a contemporary space, with 3000 square feet of space, floor to ceiling windows, and wrought iron chandeliers. Art of the Event was asked to transform this space into a “Clubby Winter Wonderland” and gleefully took on the task.

With nearly a full room wrap of luxurious white sheers, we created texture and movement in the space. Blue up-lighting set the tone of a modern club, with white snowflake projections creating a snowfall effect. This combination of elements really set the mood, as the sheers took it the light effects and grabbed the light. The center piece of the room was a shining white dance floor, and just off of that our contemporary, serpentine white couch set.  White glow side tables and low cocktails broke up the room, adding layers of height. Our cocktail-height share tables were a delightful focal point in the corners of the room, and are dining room sized with mirror top, accented with elegant white florals and surrounded by clear, Lucite bar stools. Our white paneled glow bar, in front of the dance floor was a crowd pleaser, at 14 feet long and with functional barback.

This event was a success, with the client’s staff dancing the night away and their company president praising the ambiance we created. It was a pleasure working with their team, as well as the Liberty event staff, and we’re looking forward to the next holiday season, and all the transformations we can bring!

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