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2014 Academy Awards® Custom Main Curtain, Arch Curtain and Projection Screens

Drapes featured Rose Brand white Poly Satin fabric with similar digitally printed design patterns

Rose Brand is pleased to have worked with Academy Awards® Production Designer, Derek McLane, and Art Directors, Joe Celli and Gloria Lamb, to develop the main curtains and projection screens for Oscar® night.

Two Complementary, Contrasting Curtains

After weeks of collaboration and testing, the team arrived at just the right fabric, production technique and colors to achieve master designer Derek McLane’s creative vision. The 2014 curtain design involved two drapes that both featured Rose Brand white Poly Satin fabric with similar digitally printed design patterns. However, the curtains were printed in contrasting colors and sewn with different levels of fullness.

The main curtain, sewn with 150% fullness, featured a printed silvery background and dark fleur-de-lis pattern. The complementary curtain, which hung above the main drape, adorned the stage arch. The arch curtain, sewn with 75% fullness and printed in contrasting colors, provided a dramatic counterpoint.

Curtain Fabrication

Production of the arch curtain was particularly tricky since its fullness differed from the main curtain, but its printed pattern needed to match the main. Additionally, the top border of the arch curtain had to conform to the curved shape of a pipe located next to it. Since there was no time to re-work any aspect of the project, curtain production needed to be flawless. And it was. Once lit, the curtains produced a stunning effect!

Projection Screens

Rose Brand also produced the projection screens used for parts of the show, including the memorial sequence. Our Black-130 Premium Projection Screen, placed in front of a video wall, produced high contrast, rear projected images, and eliminated the pixilation that would have otherwise been observed (see images below).



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