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Rose Brand Custom Sewing – We’re Not Just Drapes

Updated: May 19, 2020

Rose Brand has made fabric covers for various applications such as speakers, tripods, and other studio equipment

Markey’s Rental and Staging specializes in creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audio visual presentation. They pride themselves on offering well-maintained, high-quality equipment. So when their new digital signage kiosks came back dinged and dented from their first gig at an event in Atlanta, GA , Markey’s knew they had to come up with a better solution to maintain the look of their gear.The powder covered metal kiosks are meant to hold 52” LCD monitors in high traffic areas, so there is a high likelihood of nicks and dents. Markey’s Event Operation’s Manager Patrick Rhoda said, “I’ve worked with Rose Brand in the past and I’ve seen and used fitted truss covers on gigs. I thought Rose Brand would be able to help me out.”

Markey's kiosk with attached monitor

& magnetic branding piece at bottom

So Patrick hopped onto our web site and shot us an e-mail via, to ask if we could develop an appropriate cover that would keep the kiosks looking good, despite the abuse they receive during a rental engagement. He was advised that we custom sew almost anything imaginable and that we could certainly develop the custom covers he sought.

Patrick and his Rose Brand sales rep decided that our Tendo fabric was the best choice for the project. Tendo is a washable, wide-width, Trevira® IFR, 4-way stretch fabric, sold exclusively by Rose Brand. After Patrick provided the measurements, our sales person engaged Rose Brand’s sewing team to create a sample cover.

Rose Brand has made fabric covers for various applications such as speakers, tripods, and other studio equipment. However, this project involved a one-of-a-kind piece, for this particular A/V stand. Even though the customer gave us initial dimensions to work with, creating the initial sample was like making a gown for a mail order bride! We didn’t have a sample of the kiosk in-house since it was too expensive to ship to the Rose Brand sewing room.

Furthermore, rolls of fabric can vary in their physical attributes from dye lot to dye

lot. This is especially true for stretch fabrics, since different lots vary in their elasticity. Our sewing team analyzed the characteristics of the dye lot on-hand and also constructed a wooden model of the kiosk in the sewing room, based on the dimensions provided by the client. According to our sewing room, if we can construct a mock-up with accurate dimensions, the custom sewn piece will always turn out just fine.

And in fact, it did. When Markey’s received the custom-made covers, they fit like gloves. Markey’s Rhoda stated, “Now the kiosks look like they have a fresh coat of paint on them for every show. All we have to do is slide the covers on when we get to our show site. Furthermore, the Tendo fabric allows us to place magnetic branding pieces easily onto the kiosks as well."

Now that the sewn cover has been perfected, our sewing room has a pattern that they will keep. So when Markey’s orders their next set of kiosk covers, our custom sewing room will be able to produce them quickly.

If you'd like to find out more about Rose Brand's custom sewing capabilities or how Rose Brand can help you in your design process, please visit, send us an email at, or give us a call at 800-223-1624.

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