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Scenery Rotator: Part 2 in Our Lightweight DMX Scenery Motion Control Series

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Get Precise, Controlled Spinning, Rotating & Pivoting.

Use the DMX Scenery Rotator virtually anywhere you need simple but precise motorized control of a spinning set piece. Provides simple spinning or sophisticated cues with safe, repeatable and accurate positioning and limit settings. Consider it for moving clock hands, rotating signs, motorized window or door pivots, advanced mirror ball effects, periaktoi, rotating mirror panels or anything else that a designer imagines.

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and is operated via a DMX controller. Use it in conjunction with other motion control devices like the DMX Track Runner to create dynamic visuals and complex motion. This is a handy device for Technical Directors, church technicians, shop project managers, exhibit builders, museum builders and decorators – virtually anyone with a need for simple, affordable and safe spinning automation. Features include:

• 6 DMX channels (use it in DMX or standalone mode)

• 16-bit DMX precision, 0.04in accuracy

• 50 Kg (110lb) working load limit on vertical mount; 10Kg (22lb) load on horizontal mount

• 1 – 12.5 rpm • Torque: 10Nm (7.4 ft lb)

• Smooth, quiet motion

• Durable steel construction

• Powercon™ Input and pass-thru 120VAC input, 75 watt consumption (optional 208VAC)

• 20mm (0.79in) x 100m (4in) output shaft with 10mm internal thread

• 5-pin DMX input and pass through

• Mount it via clamp, strut, or surface mount (or build it directly into scenery)

• 5.2 x 9.2 x 7.2 in, 13 lbs

This product is sold exclusively by Rose Brand. If interested in purchasing, take a look at it on our DMX Scenery Rotator webpage or contact a representative at (201) 809-1730. 

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