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Rose Brand Constructs Enormous Cylindrical Projection Screen for Pan Am Games Opening Ceremony

Screen's steel frame boasted a circumference of 350 feet and hung in the center of the stadium

Every four years, athletes from countries of the Americas compete in the Pan American Games.   Each year, the host country tries to outdo their predecessor by creating a spectacular artistic presentation in the opening ceremony.  The 2011 games taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico were no exception with an Opening Ceremony reportedly costing $20 million.

Rose Brand was instrumental in the construction of the focal point of the ceremony, a three dimensional moving projection screen.  The screen's steel frame boasted a circumference of 350 feet and hung in the center of the stadium.  The projection screen, made out of Rose Brand’s Rip Stop Nylon, was 104 feet tall and offered a 360° cylindrical projection surface.

PRG Technologies, the engineer on the project, engaged Rose Brand to build the projection screen in just a single week.  In order to fabricate the three dimensional screen, Rose Brand sewed together 3,200 yards of Rip Stop Nylon. The screens were made up of two pairs of panels measuring  104’9” x 98’ and 104’9” x 51’. The enormous projection screens, equivalent in height to a ten story building, were adorned with 3,600 D-rings that were hand sewn onto the panels to give the projection screen mobility. View the sewing plans used by Rose Brand here: projection screen plans.pdf

The halo at the top consisted of 72 overlapping fabric panels each measuring 22 feet in length. Since it was critical that each panel's measurements were identical, we used Rose Brand's Precision Laser Cutting process to ensure accuracy. View the sewing plans for the halo here: halo plans.pdf

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