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Converting A Gym Into A Multi-purpose Space for Both Elegant Events & Sports

Get Expert Technical Design & Flawless Execution.

How do you convert a gym into a dual purpose space for both sports activity and elegant events? We did it with a unique application of curtain track and custom fabrication.

Our client wanted a quick and easy way to transform an everyday gym into an event venue and then back again whenever desired. We needed a solution that lined the walls with gorgeous white silk drapes and flowing ceiling swags for events, and that also covered and protected the delicate drapery during volleyball tournaments.

It was a challenging request for which we developed a surprisingly simple solution. Working from sketches provided by the interior designer (Lois Moore, Periwinkle Designs), Rose Brand project managers devised a configuration of Triple E Two-Way Track to line the walls of the gym with the custom curtains that we manufactured.

The track enables the drapery panels to be deployed easily along the sides of the gym. To rig the ceiling swags that are attached to the tops of the drapery panels, each swag is lifted up and connected to its matching swag across the hall and then tied off to a ceiling point. No additional rigging or draping is required. In storage, the swag folds down flat against the drapery panel on the track. With this unique track and swag configuration, the entire room can be draped in just 30 minutes! 

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