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How to Clean Your Curtains, Cycs and Nettings

We’re often asked by customers how to clean their curtains, cycs and nettings. Of course, cleaning is important to maintain the look of these products, but also to maintain their flame retardancy characteristics. Here are some important considerations when cleaning natural and synthetic fiber products.

Natural Fiber Products

Dry cleaning is a good option for curtains, cycs and nettings that are made of natural fiber fabrics (cotton, cotton/poly blends, linen, jute, silk). Since natural fiber products used in public spaces have all been treated with a water soluble flame retardant chemical, washing these materials in a water based solution will remove the FR (flame retardant) additive. This presents a fire safety hazard and would likely cause failure of any fire safety inspection.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, will help preserve the flame resistant qualities of your treated fabric. However, the effectiveness of More...